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If you're a Flagship or Independent Mobile Tool Distributor, you can add GripEdge tools to your inventory by registering with one of our affiliated distributors. This will allow you to place wholesale orders for any of our GripEdge Tools products, including our patented RPT technology. To get started, simply register with one of the distributors listed below and place your wholesale orders for your truck with ease!

Step One


Sign up with any of our other warehouse distributors that are listed below and gain access to our extensive range of products.

Step Two

Select The Sets

After completing the registration process with the warehouse distributor (WD) for your mobile tool distribution truck, you can easily place an order and receive your shipment to kickstart your sales.

Step Three

The Demo Block

Our demo block is a great way to feature the patented RPT Technology. It also provides customers with an opportunity to test the tools before placing an order. Ask your warehouse distributor about starter kits and demo block availability.

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GripEdge Tools received a prestigious 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award for the RPT Hex Bit Sockets and RPT Socket Extractors. A panel of judges, composed of contractors, construction business owners, tradespeople, and media professionals, have tallied the votes for the world's most innovative products in the construction and outdoor power equipment industry.

The 2023 Pro Tool Innovation Award winners are a testament to the companies and products that propel the construction, landscaping, automotive, and manufacturing industries forward. These industry-leading products merit recognition for their role in driving progress within their respective fields.